Answered By: Will Guida
Last Updated: Feb 17, 2022     Views: 9

Method 1: Using Advanced Search 

Step 1. Use the Advanced Search feature on the Hatch website to search for resources on your topic with the "Peer Reviewed" filter on. 

Step 2. When you find a promising resource, check to make sure that it's actually peer reviewed, not just in a peer reviewed journal. To do this, check to make sure it has sections like Literature Review and Methodology. For more about how to read a peer reviewed article efficiently, and what particular elements to look for, check out this guide:


Method 2: Using Find an E-Journal (This method is helpful if you're looking to explore the published literature around a topic, but are still refining the scope of your research) 

Step 1. Use the Find an E-Journal link on the Hatch homepage to access our Browzine database of resources. Find your general topic (eg Sociology, Psychology ect ect) in the list of subject headings and select a journal that looks like it aligns with your research question. 

Step 2. Explore the individual journals, searching for articles that have the elements of peer review discussed above.